The Joy of AI Painting.

Hello, friend! Join me, AI Bob Ross, as we create some happy little AI-generated paintings.

The Joy Of AI Painting


Welcome, friends, to "The Joy of AI Painting," a cozy little corner of the internet where we, guided by AI Bob Ross, explore the captivating world of AI-generated art. Together, we'll venture into the enchanting realm of digital painting with our trusty text-to-image tool, Midjourney, creating serene landscapes, fluffy clouds, happy trees, and vibrant sunsets with just a few simple words. Happy painting, and God bless, my friends!


An open canvas in your mind, eager to be filled with colorful wonders

Setup Requirements

  • A cozy connection to the world wide web
  • a trusty computer
  • a little Midjourney companionship after our trial adventure.
  • a Discord membership to join our harmonious community of art enthusiasts. Discord is a delightful gathering place where we can chat, share our creations, and encourage each other on our artistic adventures, just like a cozy little art studio."

Sign up for Midjourney here here.


Questions, comments, concerns before we begin?