Let's give this prompt a friend


My friends, let's explore the world of parameters, those gentle touches we add to our prompts to guide how our images generate. Just like the perfect brushstroke or the right mix of colors, parameters can transform our AI-generated paintings in wonderful ways.

The Palette of Parameters

Parameters are always added to the end of a prompt, and you can mix and match them to create the perfect blend of options for your artwork.

Example of how Midjourney parameters are used.

Basic Parameters

Aspect Ratios and Chaos

With --aspect or --ar, you can change the aspect ratio of your digital canvas, while --chaos lets you play with the variety of your results, creating more unexpected and unique creations.

The Power of "No"

By using --no, you can kindly ask the Bot to remove certain elements from your image, like keeping plants out of your peaceful scenery.

Quality and Seed

The --quality and --seed parameters help you adjust the rendering quality and the seed number, respectively, giving you more control over the details and initial image grids.

Stop and Style

With --stop, you can choose to finish a Job partway through, creating a softer, less detailed look. The --style parameter lets you switch between different versions of the Midjourney Model. We will always use version 5 but this is good to know about,so this does not apply to us.

Stylize and Uplight

--stylize influences the strength of Midjourney's default aesthetic, while --uplight and --upbeta parameters offer alternative upscalers, giving your images a smoother, less detailed appearance.